Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Good deals

Ok I hope you are not all too bored with me doing this... I just wanted to share some good information that was shared with me. Thanks Mindy.

Ok, this week at albertsons there are some good deals. IF you spend $30 on some products, then you get $15 to use on your next order. This can take time, but will save you lots of money on things you buy. Here are some things I thought were the best deals. I also found other coupons(in the store, but not always there) to add on for an even better deal.

Pampers diapers in Jumbo size only for swaddlers or cruisers $10 each so you buy 3 then get 15 off. so you will get 3 bags of diapers for 15. Now I had coupons for 1 off too. In the ad they are doing double coupon coupons up to $1 off and max of 3 coupons. So if you have 3-$ 1 off coupons you actually get $ 6 off... Understand? I got 3 bags of diapers for $9.

Other things that were really good deal was tide laundry soap. $12 per bottle with $1 off coupon then double it and you end up paying $4 per bottle.

These are just examples. You can choose from so many options... But look for coupons to make it even cheaper. I hope you can understand my ramblings... You can see the ad online at


  1. oooh- you always find such good deals! I want you to keep them coming!

  2. I totally went this morning, and they were just restocking the diapers. I had my cart filled with about 3 transactions worth of goods, and when i did my first checkout, it printed a 5.00 dollar off coupon for diapers. So I got $20 dollars off one of my things. Thanks Julie. I got so much stuff and only spent $45.

    this is Katie, but I can't log in on your site for some reason