Monday, February 16, 2009

The new fashion?!?

This is by far the best way get noticed by those around you. It is so easy to apply, a 2-year old could do it. IT is semi- permanent, so don't even need to do it that often. When you are tired of it, you can scrub and scrub and will still be left with nice rosy eyes. It looks really good as mascara. nothing brings out lashes like hot pink! You all need to try it.
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  1. is that marker.. nail polish??? my goodness!! Girls are trouble aren't they?

  2. Girls are trouble and they get away with it because they are so cute.

  3. I saw that look in her eye the night I did your makeover. She wanted it bad, and you know what? I think she did a fine job. Take a second look...I think she is on to something.

  4. Ha ha ha! I so love it!! I am totally sporting that fashion for Halloween this year! I especially love the band-aid accessory.